Paying for Child care

Paying for child care or preschool can be difficult.  Child care and early learning assistance programs can help make quality child care and preschool affordable for families with lower incomes.

The  Child Care Assistance Program can help make child care affordable for families.  Families may qualify for financial assistance to pay for their child care while parents work, job search, or attend school.

The Early Learning Scholarship Program is an initiative created by the governor and finalized by the 2013 Minnesota Legislature to expand access to high-quality early childhood education programs for children ages three to five with high needs. These scholarships provide financial assistance for income eligible families to enroll in high quality child care and early education programs participating in Parent Aware.

For additional information on help paying for child care, check out Resources for Minnesota Families with Chidren from MN Department of Human Services.  Available in HmongSpanish and Somali.  


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