Family Child Care in Minnesota

The purpose of licensing is to provide standards that protect the health and safety of our children. In Minnesota, licensing rules are minimum standards.  Providers must meet standards for caregiver qualifications, physical environment, number of children per caregiver, behavior guidance, required policies and records, activities, and equipment. Family Child Care homes are licensed by the county of residence and Child Care Centers are licensed by the state of Minnesota.
For more information about becoming a family child care provider contact your county social service agency.  

 In Minnesota, you may care for the children of one unrelated family plus the children of related family members (such as nieces, nephews, grandchildren) without needing a child care license.  Anyone caring for more than one unrelated family is required by the State of Minnesota to be licensed.  
Child care licensing provides the guidelines for the required ratio of children to adults in your family child care setting. 

For a full copy of the Minnesota Family Child Care Rule (#90502) visit:

For a free downloadable copy of Tom Copeland's Getting Started in Family Child Care booklet click here.

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