Child & Adult Care Food Program

There are numerous benefits to joining the food program, including:

  • Education:  All participants receive education related to safe food service, record keeping, nutrition, menu plans and recipe ideas.
  • Nutritious Meals:  Children will receive nutritious meals and snacks in spite of rising food costs. Children and caregivers will also learn more about nutrition through our nutrition education units.
  • Reimbursement:  Program participants receive reimbursement for up to two meals and one snack or two snacks and one meal per enrolled child each day. Participants’ own children may also be eligible for reimbursement for meals.
  • Tax Benefits:  Would you say no to $200-$300 or more a month? The average amount of time per month for Food Program record keeping is only 2-3 hours. Even at the lowest reimbursement rates, you would still make almost $90 per hour for record keeping that you would be required to do anyway. Licensed family child care providers are required by law to keep records of menus and foods served children even if they are not participating on a food program. So why not earn money doing it!

Will it raise my income tax? Food program income does increase your taxable income and you would have less food expense deductions. However, since providers only pay a percentage of income as taxes you would only lose part of the additional income to taxes. You wouldn’t turn down your paycheck because a percentage of it goes to pay taxes!

To learn more check out the  USDA Food Program Website.

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