Benefits of the Child & Adult Care Food Program

  • By participating, you’ll receive reimbursement for meals you are probably already serving and participation is absolutely FREE.
  • Those licensed to do child care in their homes are eligible to participate in the food program by simply providing meals which meet the guidelines established by the USDA.
  • You’ll receive a monthly reimbursement check for a portion of the meals you provide and could include meals served to your own children during child care hours. Click here to see what the current reimbursement rates are. 
  • The children in your care also benefit from the nutritious meals and snacks you are providing.
  • You can market your participation in the Food Program as one aspect of attracting new families looking for child care. 

Do I pay taxes on food program income?
Yes, however, even after you've paid taxes on the food program income you'll have money left over. For every $1,000 you get from the Food Program you will keep about $600 - $700 after taxes. Therefore, you are always better off financially by participating in the Food Program. Providers who join the Food Program can continue to deduct their food expenses in exactly the same way as before. The only difference between a provider not on the Food Program and one who is on the program is that one on the Food Program has more money in their pocket at the end of the year.


What kind of extra paperwork is involved?
On average providers spend no more than three hours a week completing food program paperwork.  Depending on what reimbursement tier rate you are receiving, you could potentially earn from $12 to $25 per hour just doing the paperwork. Many counties require providers to track the menus and meals even when not on the food program so why not get paid to do a little paperwork.


How often will someone need to come into my home from the food program?
Because the Food Program is offered to providers to serve nutritious food to young children, it is necessary for a food program representative to visit your family child care setting at least three times per year.  At each visit, Milestones offers training that will help you with planning meals; recipes and other resources that will help you teach children about healthy eating habits and food safety. Representatives from the Food Program will visit your home to monitor the meals you are serving and to answer your questions, benefiting both you and the children in your care.

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